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Warning! This has lot's of cursing and it could be a sensitive subject for some people with self harm a suicide! I am not encouraging anything like that!

I kissed the scars on her skin
I still think you're beautiful
And I don't ever want to lose my best friend.

You woke up and got ready for school. You dreaded going to school. The bullies ad already broke you down to the point where your ready to end it all. All the pain and sorrow.

You tied your [h/l] [h/c] hair into a messy bun. Then you put on a pair of acid washed jeans, a [band/anime/quote/etc] t-shirt, [f/c] hoodie, and your red converse.

You didn't eat in fear of seeing your brother who was your guardian. You ran to school in the hope of not meeting any of your bullies before school. Seems like luck just loves you though.
"Hey little bitch! Pay up!" [some bitches name] put her hand out for you to give her something. 'What the hell?!' you thought to yourself.
"W-what do y-you want?" You stuttered out. 'Dammit! Why am I such a wimp?!' You thought angrily. "I-if you want m-money I d-don't got a-any...!"

[some bitched name] glared at you then nodded to her 'gang'. You were confuse and about to say something, but you were cut off being slammed into the wall. Two people were holding you up against the wall. The impact had knocked the air out of you. "Well little bitch, since you don't got my money you'll have to pay." [some random bitches name] replied.

Her evil smirk on her fake face made you whimper in fear. What happened next you did not expect to happen. You were about to get punched in the face when someone kicked the leader of the plastic away. [Mean girls reference LOL]

You couldn't tell who it was cause you were dropped to the floor and quickly shut your eyes. You heard a familiar voice say "Now, now vhat do ve have here? 5 against 1? That's a little unfair now isn't it?" 'That voice sounds familiar?' You though curiously but when you opened your eyes you couldn't see your savior.

"But Gil!" one of the plastics whined out. 'Wait.... Gil? As in... Gilbert Beilschmidt?' You couldn't believe it. No... You wouldn't believe it. Why would Gilbert Beilschmidt, the most popular guy in school, be helping you? The plastic continued. "She's just a freak! She doesn't even put makeup on! She's ugly and useless!" 'Oh hell no.' You looked up at that bitch wanting to beat her senseless.

"At least I'm fucking real!" You yelled up to her as loud as you could. She was about to kick you when suddenly Gilbert had stopped her leg with his foot. "Vell you see fräulein." He turned to you and help you up. "Zhis frau is better zhan you in many vays. She is not fake, she uses her natural beauty, and her clothing covers her breasts and other lady parts~!" Gilbert sang song out.

All you did was stare. 'This has to be a dream!' You thought, but when you pinched yourself it still hurt. You could not believe that actually just
happened. They were all shocked. Then with a huff the group of plastics left. You would to, but Gil suddenly turned around and decided to introduce himself. Loudly. "Hello frau! I am zhe awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt! Zhe awesome-est guy in zhe whole school! Who may you be frau?"
"Ya, I already know who you are. I'm _____ _____." You replied irately.
"Vell, _____! How bout we be friend?" he asked with hope and gave you his famous cocky grin. You thought for a bit, and with a sigh you answered.
"What the hell, sure!"

That was the start of a beautiful friendship and now you a the awesome Gil were best friends.

I screamed out, "God, you vulture,
Bring her back or take me with her"

You were tired. In pain. You wanted to die. You thought no one wanted you. Not even your awesome best friend Gil. The bullying just got worse after you two became friends. Every girl thought of you as a target.

You were ready. Ready to end it all. You knew how it would end. You were gonna fly and then fall. That was how you wanted it to end. You walked a block to the mall and went to the top floor. When no one was looking you went up the stairs that led to the room. You made sure to lock the door.

You approached the ledge and looked at the town below you. You thought of your bullies. You thought of your abusive brother. You wanted to end all the pain and sorrow. "Are you happy! Are you happy now! You win! You stupid assholes you win!" You screamed thous words at the top of your lungs.

With one last look around you were ready. "Goodbye... Cruel world..." With that said you jumped. You felt the air threw your hair. You felt the thrill of flying. You have always wanted to fly to the heavens to see your mom and dad. They died in a car accident.

You then remembered Gil. All the good memories you had in the little time you two were best friends. You remembered a year ago when he saved you. You remember him always comforting you. "I love you Gil... I'll miss you..." You whispered as tears fell down your face.

Then you hit the pavement. You were gone. Forever and ever. You had hit the pavement and died instantly as every one around screamed in terror. Ambulances arrived and so did the cops. It was all too late. The pain and depression consumed you. You. Were. Gone.

Tear it down, break the barricade
I want to see what sound it makes
I hate this flavor with a passion and I fucking hate the aftertaste

'I am so blind. _____ was in so much pain.' He said while walking through the grave yard. There was a thunder storm and Gilbert was soaked to the bone. The flashes of light and rain blurring his view didn't effect him at all. He had visited you so many times. Almost every day.

He was crying. He couldn't help it. He was in therapy because he got depression over your death. He developed a eating disorder and had severe anxiety. It's been three months already, but he was still sadden over your death.

"Why...? Why _____? WHY GOD WHY!?!?!?! WHY DID YOU TAKE HER AwAY!!!! GO DAMMIT...! Why... Why..." Gilbert let out a sob as he fell to the ground in front of your grave. He couldn't see what it said but he memorized what it said already. 'In Memory of _____ _____. From [Birth date] - April 7, 2013. You will be missed.' Then is said the messages from Gil and your brother. The brother you thought hated you.

Gil had wrote 'I love you so much. You left so early. I miss you so much.' [Brother's name wrote] 'I didn't hate you. I loved you!' Your brother had confessed about all the verbal and physical abuse he did. He said his reasons and asked to be put in jail. For his dear sister that he had brought to death.

"Your brother was an idiot! But... I should have been zhere for you!" I... I... SHOULD HAVE STOPPED ZHOSE DAME BULLIES!!!! I love you... _____.... I miss you..."

How does it feel? How does it feel?
Well it feels like I'm on fire!
Wake up, I know you can hear me.

You woke up from that horrible nightmare. You jumped up and ran to the bathroom. You looked at yourself in the mirror. "I'm alive..." You whispered. "I'm... I'm not dead!" You smiled and was happy that dream was over.

Your happiness had ended when your brother woke up and started to yell at you. "You worthless piece of shit! Shut the hell up!" He started to beat you and smashed a beer bottle over your head.

You ran past him, out the door. You ran and never stopped. You collapsed several times because you were beaten really badly. "No! I can't die!" You suddenly spotted a phone booth and called the police.

When they found you you were passed out. They rushed you to a hospital and when you woke you told them everything. They went to your house and arrested your brother.

Make me a promise here tonight, love like a tidal wave
Dreamless in early graves, I never want it to be this way
The chemicals will bring you home again
This is it, when it's done, we can say that,
When it's sudden death we fight back

After you were released from the hospital Gil let you move in with him. You told him about your dream. While you did you didn't notice the tears streaming down your face. Neither did you notice the tears streaming down Gil's face.

When you were finished explaining the dream Gil quickly pulled you into a tight bear hug. "P-promise me somezing _-_____." he stuttered out.

"What?" You asked worriedly while hugging him back.

"Never... Never ever zhink zhat you're worthless! Never try to kill yourself! Don't you ever! Nothing is worth your life! You got zhat!?" He said quickly
while he trembled at the thought of you being gone.

You hugged him tighter. "Don't worry Gil... I won't ever kill myself... I promise." You reassured him and he let out a shaky breath "Okay _____..."

Pretend like I don't entice you
I've seen you circling the sky above my head
You traitor

"You promised _____" Gil said as he tried to get you to walk away from the ledge.

You turned and faced him. "Promises are meant to be broken, Gil... I tried to keep this promise... But look at me! My brother is being released from jail tomorrow! I may now live with you, but he will find me!" You yelled to him.

"_____ I won't let him touch you! Just get away from zhe ledge and keep your promise!" You stared into his eyes that were red and puffy. "I'm sorry Gil... For causing you this pain... But... My pain is bigger... If my brother doesn't kill me then the people at school will do it for him..." you said serious with shaky breaths.

"_____ zhere is one more month of school! One!!! Zhen we'll graduate!" He screamed. He wasn't going to lose you. "Goodbye... Gil..." You fell back ward and Gilbert ran. He grabbed your hand and refused to let go.

I will never be taken for granted again
Keep digging holes in the desert
Say a prayer for you
I know that you're in pain
But if we die at the same time does it still scare you?

"Let go Gil... Please..." You looked up at him with pleading eyes. "No... If you are going to die I will kill myself... I'm not letting you fall..." He pulled you up and took you away from the edge. He hugged you and held you tight not letting go. He let you cry.

Make me a promise here tonight. Let's go!
Dreamless in early graves, I never want it to be this way
The chemicals will bring you home again
This is it, when it's done, we can say that,
Oh my God we're not gonna make it

After your big attempt at suicide you went to a hospital for three weeks to help you. Gil visited you every day after school. You're brother came once t say sorry and you would never see him again.

When you were released from the hospital there was one week of school left. 'One week _____.... One week...'

We will bring the tidal wave
We will bring the tidal wave
We will bring the tidal wave
We will bring the tidal wave!

We will bring the tidal wave
We will bring the tidal wave
We will bring the tidal wave
And nothing will remain

That week was hell. You still harmed. Gil couldn't get you to stop that. You woke up every night because of nightmares and had several break downs in school. But then one day. You snapped. A girl who was picking on you got you to snap and fight back. "You little slut! Why didn't your suicide attempt work!" [some bitches name] yelled in your face.

You pushed her away and stood up straight. "You call me a slut?! Go look in the mirror and then call me a slut again! I'm sorry, but do I wear clothing that exposes my boobs and ass? Do I put over ten pounds of makeup on my face? NO!!! You do you fucking whore! Now leave me the hell alone and go fuck the boys basketball team!" After you said what you have been wanting to say for years you turned and walked away.

You met Gil along the way who saw everything. "Zhat. Was awesome _____!" He high fived you. "But bot as awesome as zhe awesome me!" He said and gave you that cocky grin of his.

"Oh sure~!" You sang song, "That was totally more awesome then you! You know it too!" You replied to him mocking his cocky grin.

"Fine, fine... You seem to be recovering well." You gave him a smirk and replied, "Yep! And it's all cause you decided to stop me." That is when you both exchanged genuine smiles and continued to class.

She's mine
You stay away from her
It's not her time.
'Cause, baby, I'm the one
Who haunts her dreams at night,
Until she's satisfied.

You were a lot happier now. After you graduated you had no more problems in your life. Well there was once problem. You were in love with Gil, but you didn't know if e loved you back. "What should I do Gilbird?" The bird replied by chirping and turning his head to the side. "Guess you don't know either..." You let out a sigh and chuckled at the bird. You still laughed at his name that his awesome owner gave him.

"I have no idea what to do!" You grunted out and smashed your face into the the couch cushions.

"_____? Vhat are you doing?" You jumped up.

"Oh my god you scared me!"

"Ja, ja... So... vhat vere you doing?

"What? Can't a girl have a freak out moment and smash her face into couch a couch sometime?" You barked out. It was that special kind of month for you that you dreaded so much so your mood was kind of off.

"Calm down!" Gilbert put his hands up in defense. You sat back down and Gilbert continued. "Here I want you to try this ice cream that I made." He declared giving you a big goofy grin.

"... What did you do to it?" You replied coldly while eyeing him. "Nothing! I swear!" He cried out. "...Okay..."

He sat down next to you and shoved the ice cream into your hands. "Come on! Eat it!" He enthused you to eat it. As you ate the home made ice cream he smiled wider every time you got closer to the bottom. You were in for a big surprise.

Make me a promise here tonight, love like a tidal wave
Dreamless in early graves, I never want it to be this way
The chemicals will bring you home again
This is it, when it's done, we can say that,
When it's sudden death we fight back!

You got to the bottom and saw something folded up. You looked up at Gil and gave him the what-the-fuck-did-you-poison-me look. "Just take it out and read it!" He cried. He was getting impatient. "Okay, okay... Calm yourself." you muttered as you read what the note said.

'Dear _____,

I love you. I love everything about you. Ever since we became best friends. That is why I was so upset during all those hard times. I love you. Do you love me too?

The Awesome Gilbert!

You looked up at him with wide eyes. He loved you back? "So, _____... Will you be mein frau?" He let the words sink in and your face soon had a huge smile. You jumped into the 'Prussian's' arms. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Oh my god yes!"

"I love you so much _____." He laughed because he was so happy. "I love you too, Gilbert!" He pulled away from the hug and grabbed your chin. He looked you in the eyes then pulled you into a passionate kiss. Gilbert kept deepening the kiss. After what seemed like forever you two parted because of the need of air. Gil rested his forehead against yours. "So, _____?"

"Yes, Gilbert?" You said. He gave you a toothy grin. "Ready to see mein awesome five meters!" he blurted out. You looked at him confused and he just smirked. Then when you figured out what he meant by '5 meters' your eyes went wide. You punched him in the arm. "No!!!" You cried.

"Awww! Why not!" He wined to you. You smacked his head lightly and he pouted. You kissed him quickly then looked at him. "No. We literally only started dating like 5 minutes ago! No!" he moaned again and fell back on the couch. You got up and smiled then continued on with your day.

Fuck it!
This is my first song fic and I am sorry if it sucks :[

The song is called A Match Into The Water by Pierce the Veil if you wanna check out the song.

I thought of making a fanfic for this forever [before I had DA] so I thought WHAT THE HELL! And made this ^-^
Please, please, please comment! I like comments :D
Favorite? If you like it? Pwease?

The preview picture I got off google so if you own in and want credit or don't want me to use it let me know I will give you credit or remove it at your request!

Hetalia - :iconhimaruyaplz:

You - :iconsexyprussiaplz:

The story - :iconmenohavename:

EDIT 1- OH MY GLOB!!! Thanks for over 200 views and 31 favorites!!! Same with the 43 downloads!!! I am like FLIPPIN SHIT!!! Thanks ^-^




EDIT 5 : How in all of the fucks did this get over 6,000 views? And just a bit over 200 favorites? I'm not that good of a writer in my opinion, was this really that good? Well, THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS VIEWED, FAVORITED, AND COMMENTED~!
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dieyoungfangirling Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Student General Artist
Ok I love this because I actually know the song you used! I mean most song fics I read, I just ignore the song part because I don't really know it... So that was pretty Awsome! But I was super pissed when you played the dream card... I was so sad and then I realized it was a dream. WHY Cry forever 
but it was also written well Britney Spears Yay :D 
MySweetLies Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Student Artisan Crafter
" 'In Memory of _____ _____. From [Birth date] - April 7, 2013. "
Reader-chan died on my birthday.....
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We all need guys like Gilbert:) Those whom become friends and stay your friend - even in the darkest moments and darkest hours. He was the protagonist's angel.:)
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You looked up at Gil and gave him the what-the-fuck-did-you-poison-me look.
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Prussia:Ready to see my awesome five meters?
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Great story
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Prussia. We started dating 30 seconds ago. And you nearly made me eat paper. HELL NO AM I FOING TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU! 😓🇩🇪
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And this is why Christan radio stations are incrediblely inspiring...

The song I'm listening to is called 'Here for a reason' and it's about suicide prevention...
muuu1234 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 1, 2014
*sobbing in emo corner*
lunareclipes294 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
I'm sitting in the freaking police office and you make me cry XD DA FEELS!!!!
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lunareclipes294 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
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I have a few things to say!!
1. Omg oh no she didn't 
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3. Best x suicidal reader I have ever read!!
4. I need for you to do a lemon cause I know it would be awesome!!
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Lol I notice when anyone is sharing food, even if u ask for it, everyone's first response is "what did you do to it..."
PrussiasKitten Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My friends and I do that to each other all the time, mainly because we actually do something to the stuffs. When we don't we act like we did and their expressions are priceless. then a few days later they do it to us. Best be somewhat paranoid.
the-hawtest8 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
The song is called A Match Into Water. There's no 'the' I'm the title. But I approve your taste in music. PIERCE THE VEIL
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