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"What the hell are you wearing? Are you even a girl? Gosh I wouldn't know! You look to much like an ugly boy. You even dress and act like one! Wow, you really are pathetic!" One of the many popular girls at your school said to you. You just gave her a blank stare, shrugged, and continued eating your lunch. "Bitch, I wasn't done talking to you!" You were suddenly slapped across the face. Hard.

You looked up at the smirking girl as your hand made it's way to your stinging cheek. "You fat, useless, ugly, pig! That will teach you to listen!" AFter the slut was done throwing insults at you and walked away, you got up and walked into the girls bathroom.

Luckily there was no one in it at the moment. You locked the door and walked over to the mirrors. In the mirror you saw what you usual look. You [h/l] [h/c] pulled into a ponytail, your body being covered in a [f/c] sweatshirt, and baggy black jeans. Your feet were covered by simple gray shoes and your hood was pulled over your ponytail.

As you examined your features like your [e/c] orbs and bred expression, you sighed. You couldn't help that you dressed and acted as a boy. It was what made you feel comfortable. Even though you felt comfortable you were very insecure. Battling the war that is depression.

You were constantly insulted and abused, ignored by your parents and sibling, and you barely had any friend. The one you hung out most with was your best friend. He was someone that only you noticed. His name was Matthew William. He had beautiful violet eyes, slightly long blonde hair, and a strange curl that you weren't allowed to touch.

He was the only one who understood you. You and him were the other's only friend. Matthew had it worse, though. You were bullied but no one noticed Matthew. They just ran into him and gave a confused look as they looked around to see who they just ran into. Your parents supplied you with what you needed and gave you very little attention whatsoever, Matthew's parents had trouble remember who he was and never gave him attention because they couldn't see him, as well as his sibling. To him, your life was paradise.

He knew it wasn't though. He knew your struggles, as you did his. He had the pain of no one seeing him and you had physical and mental abuse thrown at you. You both hated life. You both kept the other alive.

Threw the last few weeks though, you noticed Matthew spending less time with you. You didn't question it though. You knew he would tell you why in a matter of time. That is what you thought until you saw it. Them.
Matthew and another girl. You found out it was a girl named Amelia F. Jones. After you saw them smiling, laughing, and having a great time together you started to shy away from your Canadian friend yourself. All you knew about Amelia was that she was a girl, she was beautiful, and she noticed Matthew. Long story short your assumptions on the two made you shy away.

You assumed they were a couple. He never confirmed it and you didn't bother asking. You just assumed. His life was getting better with her though. After she arrived people started to notice him more. He made friends and girls were falling over him. While he got happy you fell deeper into the dark hole of hell.

You continued to dress and act like a boy and you continued to get insulted because of it. Only this time there was no one you could vent to. You and Matthew barely acknowledged each other. It was to painful to see the one you love be with someone else. Yes, you developed a crush for the Canadian, and a big one at that.

After the one that kept you alive and away from bad decisions was gone, you gt into bad habits. You became very suicidal and dragged a blade across your wrists every night. You even started to smoke, thanks to your Scottish friend. After Matthew and you got distant, your little group of friends started to worry greatly about you.

"_____, bro, what's wrong? You seem so gloomy lately! After that everyone finally started to notice Mattie you grew very distant from everyone!"

"You're one to talk Al. Matt is your little brother and you didn't notice him until recently."

"Eh...! W-well... Hehe." He scratched his neck, giving you a sheepish smile. "Yeah, I am a horrible brother. I'm not the only one to blame though! Brit tits over there is to blame too! Dude, he is also Mattie's bro and he didn't notice him! It took him longer than me! Well I am the HERO-"

"Did you just call me... Brit tits?" An angry Arthur seethed sitting next to Mathias, who was currently choking on his lunch, due to laughing.

"Well the hero has got to run before he gets his ass beat by an angry Iggy~!" He said giving you a fearful smile before getting up and dashing for the door.

"Get back here you bloody git!"

"Oh shit! Move outa the way! Hero about to be skinned coming through~!" He yelled as he dashed as fast as a certain Italian did when retreating. Your little group stayed silent for a few moments before bursting out in laughter. Once it was silent at the table again everyone turned to you.

"_____, Alfred's right. We all know about the people picking on you, but lately it seems like your not yourself. You seem so gloomy!" The Dane yelled.

"We are all concerned, ma amour. You even started smoking! 'Ow did old Scotty over 'ere get you to do zhat? You've always refused to, zhen suddenly one day you agree to smoke with 'im." Francis said as he randomly pulled a rose out of no where and gave it to you. All the other guys voiced their concerns as well.

You thought for a moment. Should you tell them? After a few minutes of thinking you looked up at the group of guys and gave them a fake smile. "Guys don't worry! I am totally fine! In all honestly I don't give a fuck about what others think, and hey! Mattie has nothing to do with how I feel." You ended with a pout.

They all got up and gave you a group hug. You just chuckled, knowing this is the best way they can show you they care about you. You knew they also wanted to annoy you because you hate hugs. They're to touchy and awkward. You all resumed eating and Arthur came back. You looked up at him as he sat down next to him.

"What?" He stated as he looked down at you. You smirked and replied to him.

"Sup, Brit Tits?" The whole group roared with laughter. Arthur just seethed.

"You're all a bunch of bloody wankers." He barked. You punched him in the arm playfully. "Especially you, _____."

"Aw you know you love me~." You said in your fake happiness.


It has been a few months and you were thinking of suicide. You had a small group of friends that loved you but the bullying has increased and the one who kept you alive was becoming popular. You were happy he was happy but you hated that he was in the arms of another.

You sat on your bed, sobs racking through you cold body. Blood was running down your wrists as you made several new cuts. You stopped going to school, not that anyone cared. All your parents cared about was your stupid perfect sister.

You wanted to end your life so badly. You broke the screen of your phone by throwing it at a wall one night when you got drunk. You always got calls but you didn't answer, not because your screen was busted, but because you didn't want to talk to anyone.

What you didn't know is that Matthew was trying to get a hold of you. You also didn't know that the girl who was is supposed 'girlfriend' was just his cousin. Matthew truly loved you. He was really concerned about you.


Matthew was getting worried sick of you and decided to walk to your house. He made his was to your porch and talked to the mom that didn't give a crap about you. "She is in her room. Probably."

This made him angry. Probably? Is this girl really that way toward her daughter? He swallowed his anger and managed to talk like a normal person. "May I go talk to her?" With a nod she let him in and Matthew made his way to your room.

"_____? Are you in there?" He asked as he knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again. "_____?" He then heard sobbing. He opened the door and was met by a horrible sight. He looked around your dim room. There was blood covering the bed sheets and empty beer bottles littered the floor. There were several empty packs of cigarettes. He became very scared.

That was when he noticed the slightly open bathroom door and loud sobs coming from the room. He ran into the bathroom and tears started to poor from his eyes at what he saw. A drunken ______ with blood everywhere and a razor in your hand. "____! Stop that!" He slapped the razor out of your hands.

You looked up at Matthew with surprised, broken eyes. "Why should I? I have no reason to live this horrid life. I hate this world they call hell."

"_-____. Please don't say that."

"Why would you care!? Why don't you go back to your beautiful unbroken girlfriend, Amelia!" You snapped. The Canadian gave you a confused look. Then he understood what you meant.

"Oh my go, _____> Amelia isn't my girlfriend! That would be weird! You know why? Amelia is my cousin. She was the only other person who actually noticed me other than you. She moved her and wanted to get me noticed! Oh god this is all my fault." He grabbed you and pulled you into a tight hug, not caring about the blood that was getting onto his sweatshirt.

"_____ listen." He pulled away from you slightly and looked into your broken [e/c] eyes. "You have a reason to live. You have a lot of people who care for you. Those bullies are just jealous or have been through similar things that you have. If they knew you did this I bet they would stop. Just remember this. Je t'aime." He closed the gape between you to with a kiss.

Your eyes widened in surprise, but you soon melted into the kiss. It was sweet yet passionate kiss. He broke the kiss when the need for air became to much. Stupid air ruining the moment.

You weren't able to speak so you stayed silent as Matthew wrapped up your wrist. He cleaned up everything and you silently helped. You were so happy but still in shock.

After awhile everything was normal. The bloodied sheets were tossed, as well as the clothing that was stained in blood. Your room looked normal. You were finally able to speak. "Hey, Matthew?"

"Yes, _____?" He looked over to you.

"I love you too." With that you pulled him down into another passionate kiss.

~~~~~ Extended ending ~~~~~

It has been 2 years since that day. You got out of all your old habits, except one. It was impossible to quit smoking. You didn't smoke 5 packs like you used to. You were lucky you didn't even smoke 1 pack a day anymore.

You lived in a small apartment with Matthew and two were happy together. Matthew had something planned for you though. You were sitting down on your couch reading a book waiting for Matthew to return from work.

"I'm home darling." You heard the sweet voice of your boyfriend.

"Hello, honey." You smiled and got up to greet him with a kiss.

"Hey, _____? Can I ask you something?" The Canadian looked very serious but nervous.

"Yeah!" You replied happily. Suddenly Matthew bent down on one knee and got a small black box out of his pant's pocket. Your eyes widened suddenly.

"_____, I have known you for a very long time and you are the one that made my life worth living. You were the one who gave me hope. Despite all we went through, we went through it together. We went through thick and thin and somehow managed to make it out of that black hole. Je t'aime, _____. Will you marry me?" He opened the ring box to reveal a beautiful ring.

Tears sprung from your eyes. These weren't tears of sorrow, they were tears of happiness. Something you have never experienced before. "Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!" You tackled your now fiance to the floor and showered his face in kisses. He chuckled and pulled you into a passionate kiss. "I love you, so, so, much!"

"I love you just as much." He said while smiling down at his lovely girl. She was his and only his. They would spend their time together and create a beautiful family. A family that wouldn't turn out like their's did.

All their kids would be loved equally and shown the same amount of care. If they were bullied, the bully would be getting a beating, done by both him and you.

You two would live your lives together and be happy. Together.
This was a request for :icondramaprincess2898:  

I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT!!! You requested this months ago and I am sorry you had to wait ;-;

Literally you requested this back in August and it is almost 2014

I kinda  went a little crazy with your request hehe... I spent a lot of time on it and I actually like it but I feel as though I kind of went a bit off topic of your request... Sorry about that! I hope you like it though!

I found out something really weird! I write A LOT better when I'm hungry.... My best fanfictions (and most viewed ones) were made when I was hungry.... I finally realized it when writing this... I was REALLY hungry but I didn't feel like getting up so I continued to write. When I tried to write this before I had terrible writers block and I couldn't think of shit. Now when I was hungry BAM I had my ideas donw and ready to be typed.

...I wrote this from like 12 AM to 5 AM XD Who needs sleep? 

^song references( one of my favorite ones =w= )^

this also means when I was done I was too tired to go through and check for mistakes and since this was requested several months ago I wanted to get it up right away so sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes it was late an night and my keyboard sucks I need to get a new one...

To my watcher or other people who have read my work before if you didn't notice I suck when it comes to extended endings... I just thought this one should have one *shrug*

All Hetalia characters used + Hetalia -> :iconhimaruyaplz:

You -> :iconsexycanadaplz:

Story -> :iconeverybodydotheflop65:

EDIT: Wtf how does this have 11,824 views and 265 favorites? It isn't even that good. Thank you all who have read, favorited, and commented on this! I will eventually go through and reply to all your comments but I don't have much time at the moment! ;w;
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When I was 9, 2 guys were picking on him at the park and I threatened to beat them up. They were bigger than me and there were 2 and I didn't seem very they ended up with black eyes!! Bahahaha! I'm 21 and that's still one of my proudest moments which is kinda sad...
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