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December 23, 2013


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WARNING: Sensitive subject with self harm and curing ahead! Don't like, don't read! Thank you and good day!

It has been 2 years since you and Alfred had been together. You both somehow graduated from high school and were planning on moving in with each other. You were saving up money, as well as Alfred, hoping to at least get an apartment. Arthur said he would help you out but you needed to find most the money on your own.

You were working at [some type of clothing store] and you actually enjoyed it. You were so close to making just enough money for the new apartment. You were currently working and hanging up come stuff that just came in. "Hey, babe!" You heard your lovers voice say. You turned around and saw your American boyfriend and chuckled.

"Alfred, don't you need to work?" You replied.

"What? No 'Hey honey, I love you?'" He said with fake hurt. You just laughed at his silliness. "No actually I have off today."

"Great! Wanna help me hang stuff up? My manager is always looking for extra help! She'll even pay you for it!"

"That I will do!" You both turned your head to see your manager, also best friend, [best friends name]. "Hey, Alfred!" She yelled happily

"Hey~! So, _____, Arthur told me to tell you after work to go home. He need to talk to you and so does some other dude that was with him." He said as he started to help put some clothing up.

"Okay?" You questioned. All he did was shrug and you continued to work in silence. After you finished, your shift ended. {best friends name] payed Alfred  for the work, you would be payed at the end of the weak, and he walked you to you house.

"See you later, babe." He grinned and gave you a quick peck on the lips. He left after you said your goodbye and you walked inside to see what Arthur and 'mysterious man' wanted.

"Hello, love." Arthur voiced in a serious tone. You nodded then looked over to the man next to your Uncle. He looked familiar.

"Hey there, _____." His voice also sounded familiar. "Do you recognize me?" He asked. You tilted your head in confusion before answering him.\

"No... You look and sound familiar but I can't remember you." You responded. He sighed and continued speaking.

"Well it explains why you haven't yelled, ran, cried, or done all of those yet." He mumbled.

"What do you mean?" Suddenly it clicked. You knew who this man was. Your eyes widened in shock, silent tears falling down your face. You remembered all the bad memories these man had cause you. "No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no!" You screamed. You slid to the floor, eyes still wide, tears still falling.

"I'm going to guess you remember me now." He suggested. Suddenly something in you snapped. You stood up and looked at your father in anger. Yes, your father was, for some unknown reason, standing in front of you.

"Yes." You said firmly. "Why. In the FUCKING hell. Are you here?" You angrily asked.

"I came back to apologize for everything I have ever done bad-"

"No!" You interrupted him. "You left me. You left mom. You abandoned your family! You left us to starve! Do you know how much trouble we had surviving after you left? We would have been living on the streets if Arthur hadn't come around! You called me worthless, stupid, a waste of space, claiming I wasn't good enough for life, and then left. You expect me to forgive you after all of that?" You questioned in a angry tone.

"____, you need to under-" You interrupted him once again.

"Shut up!" You snapped. He and your Uncle flinched back a bit. After a few moments of complete silence you continued, "I will never forgive you. I'm leaving." You whispered then ran like hell.

You ran, and ran, and ran. You finally stopped when the pain in your legs became to much. You fell to the ground gulping for air. You let out loud and racked sobs. You stayed curled in a bawl crying for awhile.

You finally sat up and looked at your surroundings. You were in a forest and it was dark and cold. You let out a shaky breath before reaching into your pocket for the object you hadn't dared to use for about a year now. Your blade.

You stared at it then back down at your arm. Alfred would be disappointed and so would Arthur. From up in Heaven, so would your mom. You pushed those thoughts down in the back of your mind and dragged the blade across your skin. You made 5 more cuts down your arm just watching the crimson color leak from your arm.

You smiled a sad, broken smile as the blood dripped. You wanted to continue. You continued creating gashes in your arms and legs. You were laughing like a maniac as the blood poured from your arms.

Suddenly you heard a scream. "_____!" The blade was quickly smacked out of your hand and you were pulled into a tight hug. The person picked you up and you finally looked at their face. It was Alfred. He was crying as he ran out of the forest with you. You began to feel dizzy. "_____, come on! You need to stay with me. I love you, so, so much! Please don't leave! I bought it, the apartment. It's small but it is for just you and me. God, please, please, please, don't leave me." Alfred continued saying things like that and you ended up blacking out.


You woke up in an unfamiliar room. You slowly opened your eyes, cringing at the bright light. You sat up and realized you were in a hospital. You looked down at your arms and saw them wrapped up, as well as your legs. 'Fuck...' You thought.

You looked next to you to see Alfred sleeping in a chair while leaning onto the bed. You smiled a half smile and put your hand on his. He stirred a little then slowly opened his eyes. He looked up at you and jumped up, pulling you into a hug. "_____! Thank god your alive!"

"I'm sorry." You murmured, tears falling from your eyes as you remembered what happened.

"Don't be. I am a little disappointed but Arthur told e what happened. That is why I came looking for you and I found you... T-there was blood everywhere! But I was a HERO AND SAVED YOU~!" You chuckled at your boyfriends silliness.

The door opened to reveal a tired looking Arthur. His eyes were red and puffy and his messy hair more disheveled then usual. He had dark circles under his eyes. You looked at your boyfriend again and noticed he looked similar.

When Arthur saw you his eyes widened and he ran to you and hugged you. "Bloody hell, _____., you terrified me. Promise you will never do something like that EVER again!" He shakily said.

"I promise... I am so sorry guys." You said letting you tears fall free.

"It's okay, love. By the way the wanker of your father is gone. I kicked him out and made sure that git would never show his face to you again." You smiled a small broken smile and sat in the embrace of the two people who care about you most.


It has been 5 years and you and Alfred were happily married with 3 children. 1 set of twins, both girls, and a baby boy. You told your kids that the scars that covered you were battle wounds from the war you won. They were confused but you told them they would understand when they were older.

You lived in a lovely 4 bedroom house fit for you. Since you had another girl on the way. You loved the life you lived now. You loved your children, including the not yet born, and Alfred with all your heart.

You were glad you stuck around and you will be sticking around for a while to watch your kids grow and raise their kids. Alfred vowed the same thing. Your fairy tale had finally came along and for that, you were grateful.
So this is the long awaited final chapter of my Bully America series~! 

I FINALLY DID IT! I actually liked how it turned out =w=

Well I apologize for the long wait and also for any spelling/grammar mistakes... 

:iconsexyamericaplz: + :iconsexyenglandplz: -> :iconhimaruyaplz:

you -> :iconsexyamericaplz:

Story -> :iconeverybodydotheflop65:
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