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August 10, 2013
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I finally finished it! WOOH! So here is part... I had to check... Part 3! Finally the secret of why reader-chan had a break down! I know that this is also short but hehe I am lost okay? Well just enjoy part 3 for now!

You haven't went to school in a week. The only person you saw from school was your best friend Matthew Williams. You lived with your Uncle Arthur now. What happened a week a week ago made you lose it. You spent each day crying for hours and when you finally ran out of tears you sat there emotionless. You haven't eaten ever since that day. That horrible day.

~~~~~ FLASH BACK ~~~~~

Your Uncle had a tears streaming down his face as he told you the news. "_____, your mother... Y-your mother has.... Your mother got in a c-car accident and d-d-d-died!"

You were shocked. Tears instantly were shed. You fell to the floor as choked sobs were let out. 'No no no! Not mom! Not...!'

~~~~~ END OF FLASH BACK ~~~~~

After that you don't know what happened. All you know is that you fell asleep after crying for hours and woke up in your Uncles guest room. "_____?" Arthur yelled out. 'He must have just gotten back.

You were laying on your new bed, back facing the door, hugging your knees to your chest. "_____, please come down." He pleaded. "You need to eat! You need to go to school... You need to move on with your life, _____..."

"Why... Why should I have to go back to that place...?" You said in a hushed tone.

"What do you mean-"

"No one there cares about me! If I go back my life will just get worse! I hate that fucking place! I would rather DIE than go back there!" You cried out. You started to silently cry.

"Oh, _____..." Arthur sat on the end of your bed and pulled you into a tight hug, softly singing. After a you calmed down he released you from the hug. "Now. How about we go get something to eat, love?" He asked with hopeful eyes. You nodded and followed him out the door.

~~~~~ TIME SKIP - Alfred's POV ~~~~~

I walked into school and once again _____ was absent. Every one was going to find out today why she hasn't been showing up. I care. I really do. I only started bullying her because she made me feel this weird feeling. I only just realized that that feeling was love.

I always thought it was just something stupid and it annoyed me that I couldn't understand it! After seeing _____ cry made me realize it. It pined me too see her cry. I have never seen her cry before.

~~~~~ Le Time skip ~~~~~

As I walked into my last class I noticed I wasn't the only one awaiting the news about _____. I wanted to know so badly. Just then the bell rung and the teacher came in and started talking right away. "As you all know last week _____ _____ had left early and she wasn't all to happy."

'No shit Sherlock!' Was what I thought at that moment. "Well _____'s mom had gotten into a car crash and the impact was so great that she had... died..." by now the teacher was crying. Tears pricked the corners of my eyes. As I looked around I noticed other student on the verge of tears to.

"When Miss._____ returns I expect all of you to give her space and treat her with respect. Don't act like I don't know what has been going on. I'm still not sure of exactly sure of who has caused what is going on." She glared at me. Then she started the days lesson. Not like I was listening.

~~~~~ Le Time Skip - Your POV ~~~~~

You were sitting in your room debating on weather you ready to use the internet. Last time you ever touched your laptop it gave depression. Arthur got a new laptop attempting to make you feel better.

Then your Uncle walked in. "_____, love?" He asked. You looked up at him as he continued. "Someone from school is here. He asked to see you. Now I have to leave for a meeting so please make sure he is gone before 8. He's in the dinning room! Bye, love!" He said that last part while running out.

You were confused. Someone from school was visiting you? And it was a boy?! Something wasn't right. Just to make sure you grabbed your [f/c] sweat shirt and threw it on while going down the stairs, almost tripping in the process.

When you walked into the dinning room you were shocked by who you saw. 'Why the hell is he here!?' You thought bitterly.

Alfred F. Jones was standing in your Dinning room. The one who ruined your life. Why? It was still a mystery to you. He looked up and saw the shock you were in and then opened his mouth to talk, but you interrupted him before he could speak.

"What the hell are you doing here!? To bully me some more and laugh in my face about my mothers death!? I hope your fucking happy! I lost the one person I loved dearly! The only one who ever worried about me!" You cried out.

"_____ I-"

"No! Just shut up! I have put up with you long enough! I am done! You know how many suicidal thoughts I have had ever since YOU came into my life?!" Now there were falling freely from your eyes.

"I love you." He blurted out before you could interrupt him. He just stared at you. 'He loves me?' Your angered eyes softened a little, but they quickly resumed there fury. 'You do not love him! He put you through so much pain!' You clenched your fist. You couldn't believe what you were about to do.

"You wanna know just how much pain you've put me through?" You looked down and stayed silent for a bit. Then you let out a shaky breath and slowly pulled up your long sleeves and held out your arms, wrist facing up. Revealing all the scars, and cuts both fresh and scaring ones. You slowly looked up and saw the shock on Alfred's face. You quickly pulled down your sleeves once again. Alfred had a horrified look on his face.

"_____ I had-" You interrupted him once again.

"No. Don't say a thing. Get. Out."

"_____ just listen-"

"No! Alfred fucking Jones get the HELL out of my house!" You screamed in rage.

He looked up at you with sad eyes and started to turn and leave. Before he left he said one thing. "I really do love you, _____..."

"Well I hate you! I fucking hate you!" Once the he was out the door you slammed it shut and locked it. Then you fell to the floor and cried your heart out. After awhile you finally ran out of tears and pulled your knees up to you chest and sat curled in a ball.

~~~~~ TIME SKIP ~~~~~

You woke up in your bed. "I must of fell asleep on the floor." You murmured. You suddenly remembered what happened and started to silently cry. You laid back down and continued to cry until you fell asleep again.
SO I finally got it done! :iconyayamericaplz:
No go away Alfred you made Reader-chan sad T^T

Well here it is~! I know it's short.... :iconemocornerplz:

Well Yep that's it...

Part 1- everybodydotheflop65.deviantar…
Part 2- everybodydotheflop65.deviantar…
Link 3- If you don't know where this is look at the title... If you still don't know you may need help
Link 4- everybodydotheflop65.deviantar…
Part 5- Hopefully coming soon~!
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